Stay Warm This Winter With Efficient Heating


Winters in Wisconsin can be brutal, so it’s important to have an energy efficient furnace that saves you heating costs and that helps make your home comfortable during Wisconsin’s harsh winters. All homes built by Anderson Homes come standard with a 96% two-stage energy efficient furnace that make for a pleasant experience inside the home during the winter months for you and your family.

How A Two-Stage Furnace Provides Energy Efficiency

A two-stage furnace has several benefits over a single-stage furnace, giving you improved comfort, better efficiency (they use less fuel by pumping unnecessary heat or regularly cycling on and off to maintain a consistent temperature), and are able to run quieter than single-stage furnaces.

While a two-stage furnace has a large upfront cost, the investment and savings is much more beneficial in colder climates…such as in Wisconsin, making it the perfect choice for a modern home where efficiency and comfort is important.

Efficient Performance
Since two-stage furnaces aren’t running at full capacity (most of the time), the overall energy consumption is lower than a single-stage furnace, which always runs at full capacity.

Quiet Operation
Two-stage furnaces start at the first stage, when the heat required is lower, rather than reaching full capacity all at once. This means there’s no sudden blast or kick of air.

Consistent Comfort
By running at a lower speed for a longer period of time, heat is much more evenly distributed among the home, eliminating cold-spots. This also allows the air from the vents to be warm instead of short bursts of really hot air which can make some rooms hot and others colder.

Improved Air Filtration
Since the furnace runs longer and more consistent at a lower speed the air is better filtered, giving you cleaner air and reducing allergens and contaminates so you can breath easier.

Is A Two-Stage Worth The Investment?

While pricing can be $500-$1,000 higher than one-stage furnaces, two-stage furnaces ultimately save you money in the long-run due to better energy efficiency, saving you on your monthly heating bills. It’s also hard to put a price on comfort when we experience long periods of really cold days.

While single-stage furnaces have a lower initial cost, they aren’t the best choice for our Wisconsin climate. They provide less in comfort, have limited air quality benefits, cost more to operate, and can be more noisier by “kicking on” frequently.

To learn more about energy efficiency in your home, check out our other article on the 5 reasons you need an energy efficient home.

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