Purchase Land Before Or After Finding A Builder?


If you’re in the process of building a custom home, the question often comes up as to whether you should select land and a lot before or after finding a builder to work with. While there is no right or wrong answer, there are a few considerations to keep in mind that might influence your decision based on your specific needs.

Purchasing Land Before Selecting A Builder

Location is usually a top priority for homeowners and is typically one of the first things discussed when looking to move to a new home. Sometimes it just so happens you find the perfect location to build your dream home on, but are not yet ready to build, so you may decide the purchase the land with cash or a land loan before finalizing your plans to build.

One of the main benefits to purchasing land before hiring a builder is that it allows you to secure a location early in the process when lots may be selling quickly or when you want to secure a specific location in a high demand area. This allows you to find property early in the process without the rush of having to build right away.

However, purchasing a lot before working with a builder can lead to issues down the road. Since the land is purchased before any floor plans are designed or is evaluated by a builder, there could be constraints or unforeseen future development costs due to landscaping, utility requirements and access, grading and slope, drainage, subdivision compliance requirements, site clearing, and other land development issues that could make that particular lot a poor or more expensive choice than if you consulted with a reputable builder beforehand.

Working With A Builder To Find The Perfect Lot

In most cases, it’s going to be more beneficial to select a builder first and have them help you find the perfect lot to build your new home. The builder is going to be more familiar with the communities and neighborhood which have current lots for sale and are being actively developed. They can better assist you in evaluating potential build locations while avoiding problematic lots that may be more difficult to develop (causing you to spend more money) or that might not best fit the type of home you’re planning on building.

This is why it’s so important to find the right builder that you trust and enjoy working with. Selecting the right builder can help save you thousands in land development costs, help you easily navigate the land development process, and you get started on the construction of your new home sooner with less development delays.

Anderson Homes Complimentary Site Evaluation

When working with Anderson Homes, our team of experts will visit your home site to inspect the property before you build at no charge to you. We will help in the assessment of your land, and also provide comprehensive solutions for building that get included in a preparation budget, giving you the total cost for the completion of your home.

Factors to consider when evaluating land includes: plot of survey for the lot, soil tests, grading plan, local building code compliance, site clearing and building pad requirements, construction access, topography and drainage, foundation elevation, utility requirements and access, permits, landscaping and fencing, subdivision compliance requirements, and more. Get more info about Anderson Homes Site & Property Evaluations

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