Therma-Tru Doors – A Leading Entry Door Brand

Therma-Tru Doors – A Leading Entry Door Brand

Chosen by builders as the leading entry door brand in quality for 2019, and the brand used most for more than 20 consecutive years.

Anderson Homes Standard

At Anderson Homes, we proudly offer Therma-Tru Doors as our standard for front entry doors. All front entry doors are made from fiberglass and include sidelights for superior quality.

Fiberglass can provide the look of an authentic wood door without actually using the amount of wood that a wood door would consume. Fiberglass doors are much tougher than steel or wood doors. They don’t scratch or peel and will not warp. They can also be customized to fit the exact needs of a homeowner to fit the style, size, color, and finish, whether it be fiberglass or wood grain. Unlike wood, fiberglass will not rot in humid climate conditions. To prevent rotting from wood doors, occasional staining needs to be done to protect the elements of the door. Fiberglass doors need close to no maintenance at all, except for general cleaning and maintenance in order to keep them in good condition.

2019 International Builders’ Show

Earlier this year, Therma-Tru Doors unveiled a new collection of innovative products for 2019 at the Builders Show in Las Vegas.

Therma-Tru 2019 Elevate New Product Launch

New products include updated styles for their American style shaker-style doors, satin etch & textured glass, simulated divided lites, EnLiten flush-glazed internal blinds, Therma-Tru Door surrounds, and more.

Choosing an entryway isn’t all about the curb appeal – it extends your personal style to the exterior. These new doors and door surrounds feature designs that reflect your creativity whether you crave casual comfort, a touch of modern or a twist on traditional.

New Styles for Classic-Craft American Style Collection Shaker-Style Doors

Discover a wide range of relaxed entryway styles created with premium flat profile divider bars and Shaker-style doors within the Classic-Craft American Style Collection. The portfolio expands to include casual looks designed to complement a variety of architectural styles, including High-Fashion Farmhouse, Simple Barn, and more.

Satin Etch Privacy & Textured Glass for Classic-Craft Premium Entryways

With a pure, simple design aesthetic, Satin Etch glass welcomes natural light into the home while maintaining a high level of privacy. This fine-textured pearlescent glass makes a style statement and is ideal for a wide range of home styles with a modern or contemporary twist, including Mid-Century Modern, Simple Barn, High-Fashion Farmhouse and more.

Simulated Divided Lites for Fiber-Classic, Smooth-Star, and Profiles

Create an entry tailored to the home’s overall look. Simulated divided lites now have endless color and finishing options, thanks to a new durable composite material. Explore new contemporary grid patterns, as well as classic looks, all with limitless color options for paint and stain and approved for use behind storm doors.

EnLiten Flush-Glazed Internal Blinds for Smooth-Star Doors

Smooth-Star doors with internal blinds featuring EnLiten flush-glazed designs deliver simplicity and convenience with contemporary appeal. Discover attractive, durable entry solutions for around the house, including patio, side and back doors allowing for optimal daylight and outdoor views, or complete privacy.

Therma-Tru Door Surrounds

Add a beautiful, finished look to the entry with stylish, low-maintenance door surrounds from Therma-Tru. Discover a hand-selected assortment designed to complement the architectural details of virtually any home style. Create a cohesive look in the entry with authentic details for enhanced curb appeal.

Explore All New Therma-Tru Products

Check out the Therma-Tru website for all new product updates, Contact Us if you have any questions or would like to learn more about entry doors for your home.

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